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Get Organized:

Now that your child is in school, there is a whole new set of items -- backpacks, lunch, bags, homework, permission slips, projects and more -- to try to contain. The benefits of helping your kids stay organized go far beyond maintaining a neat and tidy space. It saves time, helps them focus, gives them a sense of routine and teaches them about responsibilities.

Create a staging area where kids can keep everyday items like backpacks so that they don't end up scattered or lost throughout your home. Designate a quiet space where children can store school work and concentrate on their homework.

Steady Bedtimes Bring Better Behavior:

As a parent, the biggest struggle of your day may come right at the end. Few school-aged students want to go to bed. That goes double if they have older siblings who stay awake later.

One study suggests that standing strong through this epic battle pays off. Kids who have a regular bedtime tend to have fewer behavioral problems. Snoozing on a schedule cuts down on many types of poor conduct, from hyperactivity to trouble getting along with peers.

Growing bodies and brains -- including regions that control social habits -- need sleep to develop properly. Regular bedtimes increase the odds your child will get a good night's rest. While adults can get by on seven to nine hours of sleep, school-aged kids need about 9 to 11 hours.

What's more, consistent sleep patterns keep kids' natural rhythms intact. Their internal clocks crave routine and con't adapt to constant shifts. That's another reason irregular bedtimes can lead to acting out.

** Banish electronics from the bedroom. Research shows that having a TV or computer nearby interfered with kids' rest.

If your child strongly resists sleep, wakes up frequently at night or has frequent behavioral problems during the daytime, talk with your doctor. He or she might have a sleep disorder that could improve with treatment.

(all information provided by OSF St. Francis Hospital)
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