Board and District Goals

Board Goals
  1. The board should operate with a proactive mindset and be willing to think outside the box.
  2. Provide effective and improved communications throughout all levels, including between the superintendent and board, the board president and all other board members, and the superintendent and the public.
  3. Seek more extensive board training to enhance our skills and abilities.  At a minimum each board member should attend at least one training.
  4. Continue looking forward to district planning for the next 3-5 years, as we will face may senior staff retirements.
  5. Maintain ongoing review and development of pertinent policies and ensure implementation.

District Goals
  1. Provide effective and improved communication throughout all levels, including between the superintendent and the board, the superintendent and staff, the superintendent and the public, the principal and the board, the principal and the staff.
  2. Buildings and grounds of the district are a priority, focusing on preventative and system maintenance, general upkeep, cleanliness, and an inviting appearance and atmosphere.
  3. School safety is an utmost priority to ensure the well being of all students and staff.
  4. Attract and retain high quality staff via recruiting, training, and professional development.
  5. Make every effort to stay at the forefront with technology.
  6. Pursue all avenues to provide opportunities for increasing student enrollment.
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